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The Drops That Filled A Bucket

The Drops That Filled A Bucket

……As single drops of water fill a bucket, so do small deeds of good.

– Buddha

Photo Courtesy of Water.org

A diverse group of bloggers was assembled by The mission List to join forces in a Water.org campaign 10 Days 10 Lives. Our goal over 10 days was to collectively raise enough money to provide 100 people clean water for life. This was a passion project for all of us. Some are mothers who cannot stand the thought of another mother having to lose her child from an easily preventable disease due to unclean water. Others have families who have been directly impacted by the lack of access to water, or they are travelers who have seen first hand the challenges of developing nations in water crisis. So for nine days we have blogged, tweeted, and posted in all our social media outlets, raising awareness and funds towards our goal. And we did it! By day 9 we have reached our goal of providing clean water to 100 people, and 13 more! Now with one day left we are inspired! We are inspired by what we were able to achieve together as a group. Now we want to see how far over that goal we can get by the end of our campaign tomorrow. $25.00 can provide clean water for life for one person, and there is still time to donate. Below is a shout out o all of the amazing bloggers who participated along side me in this campaign! It is truly amazing what can be achieved by small acts of good when pooled together.

Although we reached above and beyond our goal, there are so many others in need of water resources, and you can still help with us until tomorrow night, or as always with Water.org .
Below is a shout out to all of the bloggers who worked to reach our goal! Congratulations ladies!

Photo courtesy of Water.org

http://www.documama.org (and me of course!)
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