Samahope Gives Us The Opportunity To Do Something Remarkable

Samahope Gives Us The Opportunity To Do Something Remarkable

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Back in 2006 Jeff Howe and Mark Robinson published an article in Wired Magazine that coined the term  Crowdsourcing by combining the terms crowd and outsourcing to describe a trend on the internet.  Of course crowdsourcing was not a new idea, but this was a new term, and the interment was making it possible to take crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to a whole new level. These days it has become an almost  mainstream launching pad from entrepreneurs to artists to fund projects and collect data through the various sites that have popped up to do so.

Samahope has a different vision for crowdfunding, and has come up with a way to give us each an opportunity to do something remarkable to transform and uplift another person’s life.

Co-Founder Leila Janah was in Sierra Leone in 2011 to expand her non-profit Samasource which employs impoverished women via the internet. She quickly realized that things were so bad in the area she was visiting that before many of these women could work, they needed to address the pressing health issues that were often keeping them from doing so.  She learned that 1 in 14 women in Sierra Leone would die while giving birth. Some of those who survived were left with debilitating conditions that would then keep them from going on with their normal lives.

On a conference call with the Samahope team Co-Founder Shivani Garg Patel told me about Leila’s encounter on that same trip with a physician from Texas who was there doing fistula repair surgeries funded by donations from his church. His generosity impressed her, along with how hard he worked to raise the funds to cover the medical costs. She realized that he was a doctor, not a fundraiser, and that if  someone else was focusing on coming up with the funding for his medical trips, then he could focus soley on the surgery aspect of his mission.The idea for Samahope was born to help fund the heroic physicians who had the compassion and ability to change lives. Samahope helps to transform the lives of women through individual donations from people like me and you, giving us the opportunity to do something truly remarkable for someone else.

 Millions of women and children worldwide suffer from debilitating but treatable health conditions. The doctors that treat them are overstretched, under budget and poorly equipped. Samahope lets you directly fund these doctors, renew their patients’ hope, and give the patients back their lives.

We pool donations made by thousands of people like you, collectively increasing the impact that every one of us can have. Together, we enable doctors and nurses to provide life-changing treatments for the underserved. -Samahope


A Samahope Gift Card is the perfect way to truly experience the giving spirit of this holiday season, by knowing that you have just given the gifts of hope and dignity to another human being. Until the end of the year all gift cards will be matched so you will be giving twice as much!

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