What You Need To Do A Sprint Triathlon: Planning & Gear List

What You Need To Do A Sprint Triathlon: Planning & Gear List

This is what you will need to do a sprint triathlon: Planning & gear List

Step 1: Find a race to sign up for, check  usatriathlonactive.com or trifind.com

Step 2: Set up a training Schedule (see here for an example)

Step 3: Set up any travel plans, (it’s good to stay somewhat local your first time though)

Step 4: Since you may need to ride your bike while carrying everything bring all of the below in a backpack.

What you need race day:

1. a bike  I used my mountain bike for my first race which was fine because I just wanted to finish, but subsequently have rented or borrowed a road bike which is really what you want to use, they are so much lighter and  faster.

2. a tri suit  I got mine through danskin, this is the most efficient way to dress and will save you time on your transitions. Even for the Nantucket Triathlon I did not find that the water temperature called for a wet suit, and personally  I find them constricting when I swim.

3. a number belt (see photo below) available at any sports shop.



6. a small towel

7. a water bottle to rinse your feet with

8. water bottle with spout for your bike

9. bike helmet


10. goggles for the swim

11. 1 packet gu or other energy gel I usually eat this when I am half way through the bike. Try it before the race to make sure you like it and are familiar with the texture.



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  1. Good luck in your triathlon! You will do great! It will seem so easy after having completed a marathon!!