My Favorite Summer Skirt

My Favorite Summer Skirt

When I commented on how much I loved my friend Stephanie’s skirt one day she told me where to find them.

I bought two for myself and have worn them almost every day this summer.  I know they will be cute with boots and tights in fall and winter too, but I have to tell you this is the perfect summer skirt!  Made from recycled t-shirts they are each unique, soft, and easily washable.  I love these skirts made by Jupiter Girl so much I just had to share!



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    • I know, right?! I just love them , and sooooo comfortable I don’t want to wear anything else! Carla, she had a booth at the Festival Fete in Cranston, and that’s where I got mine, so she may be selling them at another similar event in the area again soon.

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