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What Are The Millennium Development Goals?

What Are The Millennium Development Goals?

The Millennium Development Goals are 8 international development goals set after the United Nations Millennium Summit in 2000. These goals were agreed upon by all 193 United Nations members to be achieved by 2015. At the time it must have seemed very far off in the future, but today marks 1,000 days until the goals are to be met. Millennium 1,000 has filled a schedule of 1,000 minutes of digital programing today to mark the goal and inspire momentum in achieving the 8 Millennium Development goals globally. You can join the conversation, or learn more by following the hashtag #MDGMomentum. I will be taking part in 1/2 hour Twitter chats with World Moms Blog at 6pm on the topic of #MDG2 Education using @worldmomsblog and #MDGMomentum, again at 9:30pm with Social Good Moms (where I am a member of Global team of  200) on #MDG5 ”Picturing Maternal Health: A Look at Maternal Health Through Facts and Photos.” using #SocialGoodMoms & #MDDGMomentum hashtags, and then again at Midnight with World Moms Blog on #MDG4 Child Survival  using @worldmomsblog & the #MDGMomentum hashtag. I hope to see you at one or more! Below are fantastic infographics on each of the Millennium Development Goals from the United Nations. Much progress has been made, already extreme poverty has been halved since 1990, but we have so much farther to go by 2015, we need to work together to achieve these goals.

March 22nd Is World Water Day

March 22nd Is World Water Day

Photo by Elizabeth Atalay

Many years ago traveling in Africa I took this photo of young girls carrying these huge jugs of water through their village to their homes.  This is a snapshot of a scene that I saw played out time and again in my travels through the continent. Lines at village hand pumps, and heavy jerry cans balanced on heads, hours fetching water that could otherwise have been spent by these young girls in school, or by the women earning a living.   By being there, at times the amount of effort put into accessing the most basic of human necessities, and the conservation required once obtained, became my own reality as well.  Having grown up with an abundance of water, this was a sharp learning curve on what a precious commodity water is.  It is easy to take it for granted when you have it, until you don’t.  According to statistics from WaterAid the average North American uses 400 liters of water every day, while the average person in the developing world uses 10 liters of water every day for their drinking, washing and cooking. (Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)) So, while I returned home to the many taps of flowing water inside my house with a new appreciation for that luxury, 783 million people around the world are without clean water to drink.  Combine that fact with the lack of proper sanitation in many of the same regions and the result is 2,000 children who die each day from water related diseases.

The United Nations has established March 22nd as a day to examine water issues around the world.

WaterAid is an International non-profit organization that helps the world’s poorest people to plan, build and manage their own safe water supplies and to improve their sanitation and hygiene.  These basic services transform lives.

“Water is just the beginning of the road out of poverty.  Hours spent carrying water can instead be spent with family, tending crops, raising livestock or starting a business.  Simple changes to sanitation and hygiene practices save thousands of babies’ lives and keep children in school.”- WaterAid.

How you can help:

  • Watch, and share the below video:




Follow WaterAid America on Twitter and Facebook and share their posts on the #20ways that water is just the beginning of the road out of poverty.

  • Join the World Water Day Google+ Hangout at 1.30pm EST on March 22 where WaterAid and other water organizations will be discussing the world water crisis and solutions in a celebration moderated by YouTube star Justine Ezarik.
  • Make a donation: as experts in practical, hands-on water solutions WaterAid has brought clean water to 17.5 million people. But they need your help to achieve their aim of helping 1.4 million more people this year.


Visit www.wateraidamerica.org/worldwaterday for all the latest World Water  Day news.

I wrote this post as part of The Global Team of 200, a highly specialized group of members of Mom Bloggers for Social Good that concentrates on issues involving women and girls, children, world hunger and maternal health.

Our Motto: Individually we are all powerful. Together we can change the world. We believe in the power of collective action to help others and believe in ourselves to make this world a better place for our children and the world’s children.

Love & Water

Love & Water

Love & Water

“Water Is The Driving Force In Nature”- Leonardo da Vinci

Love is another driving force in human nature, like water it has the ability to be pure and powerful, and we need to help each other like we need Love & Water.  Water is the lifeblood of the world, and it is hard to appreciate how valuable it is unless you don’t have it.

Worldwide 800 million people do not have access to it and 2.5 billion have nowhere safe and clean to go to the toilet.  As a result, 2,000 children die every day from easily prevented diarrheal diseases with countless more unable to attend school. Millions of women are unable to work because they spend so much time collecting water and caring for sick children.- Water Aid

Clean water and sanitation are two issues that I am passionate about. Read the rest of this entry

Dive In!

Dive In!

Today on day 10, the Last Day of our campaign for Water.org through The Mission List, I want to say thank you to all of those who have read my blog, and to congratulate you. Together we have made a difference. 114 people, who did not have access to clean water before we began 10 days ago, now will. Thanks to you! All because of your re-posting, re-tweeting, donations and comments that helped to raise awareness, and funds to make this happen.  We have made a difference! If you would like to start your own Water.org campaign, to continue this good work,  Dive In!

Click on the photo below to watch the short water.org video.

Water.org Click on Image to watch video

The Drops That Filled A Bucket

The Drops That Filled A Bucket

……As single drops of water fill a bucket, so do small deeds of good.

- Buddha

Photo Courtesy of Water.org

A diverse group of bloggers was assembled by The mission List to join forces in a Water.org campaign 10 Days 10 Lives. Our goal over 10 days was to collectively raise enough money to provide 100 people clean water for life. This was a passion project for all of us. Some are mothers who cannot stand the thought of another mother having to lose her child from an easily preventable disease due to unclean water. Others have families who have been directly impacted by the lack of access to water, or they are travelers who have seen first hand the challenges of developing nations in water crisis. So for nine days we have blogged, tweeted, and posted in all our social media outlets, raising awareness and funds towards our goal. And we did it! By day 9 we have reached our goal of providing clean water to 100 people, and 13 more! Now with one day left we are inspired! We are inspired by what we were able to achieve together as a group. Now we want to see how far over that goal we can get by the end of our campaign tomorrow. $25.00 can provide clean water for life for one person, and there is still time to donate. Below is a shout out o all of the amazing bloggers who participated along side me in this campaign! It is truly amazing what can be achieved by small acts of good when pooled together.

Although we reached above and beyond our goal, there are so many others in need of water resources, and you can still help with us until tomorrow night, or as always with Water.org .
Below is a shout out to all of the bloggers who worked to reach our goal! Congratulations ladies!

Photo courtesy of Water.org

http://www.documama.org (and me of course!)
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