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The New “It” Bag

The New “It” Bag


Like magician’s silk scarves, the woman in front of me began pulling environmentally friendly shopping bags out of her purse.   These were not the boxy earth toned bags I now realized I had left in my car. …again. They were silky nylon, brightly colored, and geometrically patterned accessories.   They were, dare I say, stylish?  As she rolled her colorful cart away from the grocery checkout, and I sheepishly requested, “paper please”, I pondered the environmentally friendly shopping sack as the new “it” bag.   Sure my shopping bags were practical, but attractive?  Never.   I am a big believer in functional design, and love the idea that if there is an item you must carry, it may as well be appealing.  These days, plastic is passé, and though paper will do, to look like a truly savvy shopper the reusable bag is de-rigueur.    While my ice cream melted holes in my paper bags once home, I raced to my computer to track down some pretty shopping bags of my own.  A couple of the brands I found that make carrying your own shopping bags hip, are baggu and envirosax.  Of course I had to purchase my own silky colorful bags to carry, and these bags hold a ton, do not rip, and they fit in tiny pouches or roll up and snap to fit easily in your purse.  I was also excited since then to find flip & tumble produce bags, so I can avoid  plastic at the grocery store altogether.   I have since given them as gifts to my like-minded environmentally conscientious friends, and since they do fit so neatly in my purse, I have no excuse to forget them in the car again.

flip & tumble produce bags



This post is a modified version of “The New “It Bag” written by me and previously seen on www.amomknowsbest.com