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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Partners With Edesia Global Nutrition Solutions

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Partners With Edesia Global Nutrition Solutions

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Partners With Edesia Global Nutrition Solutionsava copy

Two Rhode Island companies, founded and run by women, have come together this month to double the opportunity for positive impact.

Ava Anderson and Edesia were both boldly founded in Rhode Island in 2009, when the state was in the midst of the great recession that had enveloped the entire country. Both were founded by women on a mission to bring about change, and as a credit to the power of storytelling in the media, both were inspired by a news story they saw on TV.  For Navyn it was Anderson Cooper reporting on a “miracle” treatment for malnutrition called Plumpy’Nut .  For Ava it was a program about the toxins found in everyday cosmetic products that were dangerous to women’s health.

AvaAnderson copy

Ava Anderson

Unable to find any products on the market truly toxin free Ava set about creating her own line of safe non-toxic beauty, and home care products.

Navyn Salem

Navyn Salem

By establishing the non-profit Edesia in 2009 and producing Plumpy’Nut in her home state, Navyn both provided local jobs, and global nutrition solutions all at once.

plumpy copy

Both companies have grown exponentially since they launched five years ago.

For the month of November each order of Ava Anderson products will provide a packet of Plumpy’Nut to a child in need.

Typically within 7-week course of Plumpy’Nut a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition can be brought back to a healthy weight. Proper nutrition is especially critical in small children whose brains and bodies are growing rapidly, and lack of nutrition can cause a condition called stunting from which they will never reach their full cognitive potential.

This partnership offers a great opportunity to purchase safe, toxin free products for yourself and your loved ones, while knowing that at the same time you will also be contributing towards the treatment of a child’s health. Plus for each order made through this link using the party ID # 4418 4 you will be entered to win a $25.00 Ava Anderson gift certificate! You can help us to #NourishTheFuture with these gifts that give back this month.

Please feel free to share this post and inspire others to shop Ava in November for maximum impact.

ava copy

What Does The Word #Lead Mean To You? Save The Children’s #FindTheWords Campaign

What Does The Word #Lead Mean To You? Save The Children’s #FindTheWords Campaign


“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”-JFK

I am participating in Save The Children‘s #FindTheWords social media campaign to highlight the importance of early education for children. For this campaign I am 1 of 30 bloggers who will write on 30 words over 30 days as a way to symbolize the 30 million fewer words that children from low-income homes hear by the age of  3.

By age three, children from low-income homes hear on average 30 million fewer words than their peers, putting them 18 months cognitively behind his or her peers when they start school.  Around the world, if all students in low-income countries acquire basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty – Save The Children

The word I was assigned is:


Leadership can sometimes come from the most surprising places. Thinks of Malala, known now by her first name alone, who has become a world leader just by standing up for her own beliefs. She was not afraid to break out of the mold and forge a new path towards what she believes in, and this is a case where the new path she forged is one that others chose to follow as well. Because she was being educated, she knew how important it was for her and other girls to continue to be educated.  Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools, and children who are not given the opportunity to learn from an early age are denied their full potential.   According to statistics provided by Save The Children 65% of young kids in need have little or no access to books.  More than two-thirds of poverty-stricken households do not possess a single book developmentally appropriate for a child under five.  And kids whose parents do not speak to them often and are not spoken to in an engaging, and supportive way are less likely to develop to their full intellectual potential than kids who hear a significant amount of child-directed speech.

Malala Yousafzai, Wikipedia Commons

Malala Yousafzai, Wikipedia Commons

Which in the case of Malala is exactly why there were those who did not want girls to be educated, because they know how empowering education can be.  As a parent I try to led by example, I know that learning and development for my kids is not just academic, but across all aspects of life, and I know that they will absorb what they see.  Personally I do not consider myself a leader, nor do I aspire to lead, yet I find myself on occasion in leadership roles. I’ve ended up advocating on Capitol Hill, acting as social director, sitting on various boards, as president of the PTA for my child’s school, and directing or producing media content.   It is a lot of leadership for someone whose first choice would not be to lead. That said, I am also distinctly not a follower.  Never have been, and what I think inspires me to step up into these positions is my belief that if you want something to happen, or something to change, you can not just sit back and wait for someone else to do it.  You need to make it happen. This is the same reason that I was eager to take part in the #FindTheWords campaign.   Society needs to be aware of the importance of early education for all children, and for the future of the community as a whole. Citizens who live up to their full potential are better able to contribute to society and to break the cycle of poverty. You can help spread the word as well!

What does the word LEAD mean to you?

You can enter to win $100.00 gift card by sharing this post, the campaign on social media, leaving a comment about what the word Lead means to you, or by taking a picture that represents the word LEAD to you and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. To be entered to win don’t forget to use the proper hashtags #FindTheWords #Lead and tag @elizabethatalay
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Save the Children provides kids in need with access to books, essential learning support and a literacy-rich environment, setting them up for success in school and a brighter future. Learn more about Save the Children’s work in the US and around the world HERE.

Spring Into Self-Revelation; Photo Shoot Giveaway & The Reveal 365 Project

Spring Into Self-Revelation; Photo Shoot Giveaway & The Reveal 365 Project
ShutterCal Prints

ShutterCal Prints

Though snow still blankets our yard, I swear today I can see it melting away at the edges.  The earth that is peaking through is soggy and brown. Combined with the bare trees the first glimpse of spring is cast in a grey nudity. Not totally unlike how I looked last week on the beach as we escaped to the sun on our family vacation.  The clothing layers were stripped off to expose my pale winter body, and let’s just say I was not quite “beach ready”. Despite this I was surprised to find that I kind of cared, but really I didn’t.

The ShutterCal Storage Box

The ShutterCal Storage Box

I think the comfort and ease of stripping off my outer layers of clothing might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been stripping away at emotional layers this winter by taking part in a really cool project called Reveal 365.  Reveal 365 is an online photo and journal workshop that prompts you to dig deep.  The process was inspired by the women behind The Revelation Project, where your inner beauty is captured in photo portraits combined with self discovery. (which one of my lucky readers has the chance to win by entering below!) The Revelation Project teamed up with ShutterCal to create a unique digital photo/journaling workshop where you continue to stay in tune with what really matters to you all year long. This is acheived through personal journaling, daily photos, and the tools created by Reveal 365 to guide participants through the journey of self-discovery. Life-coach prompts and topics of discussion challenge members to document, and therefore discover their passions, fears, and inspirations.

“Reveal 365 is about unleashing the brilliance of women, documenting our revelations along the way, and lighting up the world with positive action, passion, and inspiration,” -The Revelation Project (TRP) co-founder, Monica Rodgers

The daily photos can be printed out with the journal entry that coincides on the back and stored in the custom Project 365 photo box shown above.  I always loved polaroids, especially ones I had written a note on the bottom of, and I feel like this is a modern day version of those treasures. For someone who can’t remember what I did last week, I love looking back at my ShutterCal to pinpoint the special moment that I’ve captured in each day.  In this way I have also been able to look back and notice patterns in what I’ve been drawn to photograph, revealing what feeds my soul.

trpPicMonkey Collage

Having been prompted daily for the past few months to think about words like inspiration, reveal, power, motivation, and celebrate in the context of my life, to expose my winter body in public had become a silly non-issue to me.

Now I love a good snowstorm as much as the next New Englander, probably more, and my feeling in the winter is that if it is going to be cold, it might as well snow. I want it to be beautiful and cold. We are possibly expecting even more snow this week, so I’m not disillusioned that winter is over, but I swear there was something of spring in the air today.  Something that gave me that hopeful and expectant feeling of coming change.  If you are feeling the same way, that sense or readiness for spring rebirth or renewal the reveal 365 Project is a perfect way to celebrate that process. You can sign up for the Spring Session now.

You can follow Reveal 365 on Pinterest & Twitter & Enter below to win a professional photo EXPERIENCE from The Revelation Project!

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I was given a free 3 month trial membership of Reveal 365 for the purpose of this review, as always all of the opinions expressed here are my own, and not influenced in any way.  This is truly a unique experience and I am signing up to continue on my own for the next session I like it so much!

(RED), U2 & Bank of America Soup Up Super Bowl Sunday

(RED), U2 & Bank of America Soup Up Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is all about the commercials for me.

image001 copy

During this Sunday’s game my favorite was the commercial featuring U2 performing their new song, “Invisible”. You can download that song from iTunes, for free, and in doing so you will be helping out in the fight agains HIV/AIDS.  From 6pm EST Sunday, until 11:59pm EST Monday, every time the track is downloaded, anywhere in the world, Bank of America will donate $1 to the Global Fund to help end mother-to-child transmission of HIV. This Super Bowl Sunday, was an incredible moment in the fight to end AIDS as the new partnership between (RED), U2, and Bank of America launched. Check it out & download the song :

Every single dollar raised will go to the Global Fund to provide life-saving HIV/AIDS treatment, testing and prevention services to tens of millions of people in the world’s poorest countries. Over the next two years the partnership between (RED), U2 and Bank of America will mean more than $10 million for the Global Fund. 

UncommonGoods $75 Giveaway!

UncommonGoods $75 Giveaway!

 Enter To Win Our UncommonGoods $75 Giveaway!


Bike Chalk Trail Kit, Art Print, Kalaidascope Necklace, Golf Cufflinks & periodic Table Tie

UncommonGoods is my absolute favorite gift catalog out there!  I was thrilled to write about their  Better To Give program back in September, Where with every purchase you make, $1 is donated to the non-profit of the customers’ choice. 

Now I am even more thrilled that they have offered a $75 giveaway for my readers just in time for holiday gift shopping! Their catalog is filled with fantastic gift ideas, creative, fun and unique items you will love! Check out their HOLIDAY GIFTS COLLECTION! Here are a few more of my own personal favorites!


art1 copy


For A Chance To Win You Can Sign Up for UncommonGoods e-mail updates and specials & add entries below:

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UncommonGoods is based  in Brooklyn, NY, and supports artists and environmentally friendly products, always finding unique items that take gift giving to a new level. You can Follow UncommonGoods on Pinterest or on Instagram to keep track of all their fabulous finds!