Urban Sweat

Urban Sweat


As a busy mom I love finding spaces of solitude and relaxation in which to re-charge when my kids are out from underfoot.  In the summer sometimes it is as easy as just heading to the beach or taking the dog for a hike through the woods.  In the wintertime finding that space can be more of a challenge. When I was invited as part of Rhode Island Digital Media Women to check out the facilities of Urban Sweat at Raffa yoga in Cranston for the day, I discovered my winter oasis.  As soon as you walk in the door you feel like you have been transported from Rhode Island to an exotic getaway in a far off land.  Being first a yoga studio, of course the vibe is very Zen, but the addition of Urban Sweat to Raffa Yoga provides a space to prolong your pampering before, after, or in lieu of that yoga class.  Luxuriate in the Eucalyptus Steam room, or the Urban Hamman, lounge in the healing Himalayan Salt Grotto, or indulge in a relaxation massage.  When you are thoroughly relaxed and determined not to ruin it all by going home to do more laundry, just lounge on the waterbeds and beanbag chairs strewn throughout the relaxation room. Read a magazine, bring a book, enjoy refreshments from the organic juice bar and healthy snacks like spring rolls.  It is like going to the library for your soul. Cleansing, healing, meditative, I am already fantasizing about spending a lot of time lounging around in there this winter.

Urban Sweat has truly created a paradise in which to unwind where Old World Wisdom meets New World self care.  A place to just relax and breathe your worries away.  They have 21 therapeutic massage and treatment rooms and 6 heat therapy rooms to foster and encourage your health and well being.  I love the assertion that therapeutic massage is not just a luxury, but as a healthy necessity, and they have priced their monthly massage memberships to reflect that philosophy.

” Our Old World offerings provide an opportunity to unplug and disconnect from the stress-inducing pace of each day and provide a space to calm and center oneself, detoxify, and truly relax. After a session at Urban Sweat, you’ll be ready to meet the challenges of each day ahead.”-Urban Sweat

If you are looking for that magical place to find escape and to relax, Urban Sweat sets the stage (I’ll be the one asleep on the waterbed).


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