This Is My Kind Of Farmers Market

This Is My Kind Of Farmers Market

 Late spring through summer and into fall, my kids and I make our weekly visit to our local farmers’ market.  It is my kind of Farmers Market, where amongst the vegetables and fruit,  meat, poultry, and fishmonger stands, there are no less than four stalls selling baked goods, and a coffee guy. Sometimes there are flowers, live music, and one of my daughters’ friends who sets up her own little stand making balloon animals for tips.  I feed my kids an early dinner of hot out of the oven-grilled pizza, and bring one home for my husband.    I wander over to the fresh taco stand to indulge in freshly made tacos that are out of this world.  I love supporting the local farmers, fishermen and bakers in our community, and having them bring the market to us every week.  There is something about being outdoors, shopping locally, and interacting with the community that makes this a ritual the kids and I hate to miss.  I confess to heading to the coffee guy for my iced coffee first, and buying more baked goods than vegetables on our weekly visit.  That’s just the kind of girl I am, don’t get me wrong, I love fruits and vegetables, I just love baked goods more.   I wouldn’t want our farmers’ market any other way!  Knowing the cold will soon settle in, and our ritual will come to an end, we savor each trip, and appreciate  the simple pleasures of the season.


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