Rock Star

Rock Star

I’ve personally been a rock collector as long as I can remember.  I know the love of discovering that perfect warm smooth stone.  The joy is in the hunt, barefoot in the sand scanning the shore for that quirky shape, striking color or symmetry.  It was a love passed on to be by my mother, who was also a rock collector.  Her specialty were the grey with a white stripe in the middle, which she told me were good luck.  Me, with my birthday on Valentine’s Day, I search for the heart shaped stones.  I am not exclusive to heart rocks, those may be my crown gems, but I love them in all different shapes and sizes.

Stuart Morrison; Rock Star














So when visiting our friends, The Morrisons, who are a fashionista power couple from Brooklyn spending the month of August on Block Island, I admired the rock accessories decorating their summer house.  When I commented on how great the rocks looked, Stuart confessed in his thick Scottish brogue, that he had actually painted the nautical designs on the rocks in the past few weeks they had been there.  He had such a prolific collection, that I never would have guessed anyone could have produced so many beautiful pieces of artwork in such a short time.  The Brooklyn based fashion designer, stylist, and artist , is clearly a rock star as well.  His painted stones can be purchased for a limited time, and in limited quantities each summer at The Glass Onion on Block Island.

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  1. I’m a rock collector, too! I love the rocks you describe with the white ring – Halo Rocks! I am planning a blog post about my Grandmother and the rocks I’d collect for her from every place I’d go. She’d make me label them with the place and date. Now that she’s passed, I have her collection.

    • Oh, I love that you would bring rocks back to her! That is so sweet. I actually bring alot of the rocks I collect and place them on my mother’s grave which is a Jewish custom. I need to start labeling my rocks from special places because I already have a bunch that I forget which beach they are from! That is so smart!