I Got My Vox box! Want To See What’s Inside?

I Got My Vox box! Want To See What’s Inside?

The contents of my Mom Vox Box

One of the fun perks to being a Blogger is receiving cool products to review.  This week I received my influenster Mom Vox Box, which contained mystery sample goodies for me to try out and give my opinion on.   It was so much fun to open the package and see what cool products I was lucky enough to score to test out.  Here is what filled my Vox Box of samples:




My favorite item I received in the  Mom Vox Box  is the box of Stash Tea! O.K., I loved it from the moment I saw the logo, but I do love tea, and the  Superfruits Tea Sampler contains several Superfruits Tea flavors and several Green Tea flavors.  They are made up of ingredients which are beneficial to your health and 100% natural. Green Tea has always been my favorite, but I loved their Goji Berry Green Tea which has a bit of citrus flavor to it .


I didn’t have a chance with  the hot pink imPRESS press on nails once my 13 year old laid eyes on them!   It’s for the best really because all I can think of with press on nails was the time my college roommate wore hers to work as a prep chef, and one of the customers found one in their salad later that night. It was hilarious (to us), and I crack up to this day just thinking about it! These do come in a super cute package that looks like a nail polish bottle, I’ll let you know how my daughter makes out with them….I’m just not letting her in the kitchen with them on!

I had to fight the kids for just a bite of this little treat, big mistake to make a big fuss and open my Mom Vox Box in front of them! Based on the one bite I was able to secure for myself before doling it out to the hungry masses, The Quaker Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookie in Raisin flavor was delicious!! The kids would agree, based on the fighting over who got the most and how big their bites were. Oy vey! The individual package would make it an ideal snack to pack for the any of us.


These DenTek dental floss picks are wonderful for travel with the family, I have actually used them before and would highly recommend them as an easy way to get your kids to floss or to take on the go in your bag.  They are really easy to use and really the only way my kids are able to floss by themselves, by the kids’ enthusiasm they actually enjoy using them!



I love the Nektar Honey Crystal packets I received.  Growing up with Beehives in my backyard we used honey to sweeten everything.  We used it in place of syrup on pancakes and in place of sugar in most things, but two places we always always used only honey were our tea and our oatmeal.  Nektar honey crystals actually make it possible to bring a natural sweetener with you in a way you could never bring honey, and it is all natural crystallized honey so it doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals some of the other sweetener packets do. I was really excited to be introduced to this product!

Remember how good Ivory soap smells?! I was excited to get a bar in my  Vox Box because I had forgotten that clean fresh smell! I love it, and I used to use it on all my kids all the time when they were babies. Somehow we have not been brand consistent in our soaps these past few years, I guess once I stopped worrying so much about sensitive baby skin.  Ivory soap still smells wonderful though, and I think we will be smelling more like it in the future.

I hope you enjoyed perusing my Mom Vox Box with me! I’d love to know what you think if you have a chance to try any of these products yourself!


*  I received a Mom Vox Box filled with the above free goodies for reviewing purposes.   All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Thanks Melissa, I had never tried Stash Tea before, but now I’m a fan too!