It’s Good to Be You – Travel in Style

It’s Good to Be You – Travel in Style

Cute Bathing Suit Bag from

When I do get a night out, by the time I feed the kids, I am usually left with little time to get myself ready to go.  Thus it seems like I’m always that girl who’s bra strap keeps peeking out in need of a safety pin, has dog hair on my pants from that nuzzle on my way out the door, or deodorant spots on my shirt from slapping it on in a rush.

My favorite dress, but my cleavage is being held in by a safety pin!!

In my search for travel gear this summer I discovered a fantastic website for girl like me,  I love that they have an entire Problem Solver tab with things like hem tape and lint remover mitts, all compact, easy to pack and seriously covering any fashion or beauty mishap possibilities along the way.  It’s like a website for grown up girl scouts, a prepared girls dream.

Of course the kids have to have one last swim with their cousins right before we pack to go home!

I’m most recently grateful for the bathing suit bag from that saved the rest of our luggage from the  wet bathing suits we had to pack at the end of our vacation.   It has previously spared entire  pool/beach bag contents (especially my reading materials!) on several occasions from getting soggy with the kids wet bathing suits being tossed in!  The site has a ton of other really great items for travel, found under the Travel Goodies tab, including roll up travel ballet flats that seem all the rage this year, travel bags for shoes (also one for wet bathing suits among other things), and the “Plane friendly travel kit”.  The Shemergency survival kit is perfect to keep in your car or to bring on a trip, it contains things like shoe shine wipes, safety pins, hair spray and a whole lot of other tiny problem solvers you may need on the go. Now when I find myself needing that tiny fashion solution, it is usually right there in my kit! Perfect for a busy mom like me who still likes to try to look pulled together every now and then!


*  I received a free bathing suit bag & Lint Remover Pads for reviewing purposes.  (The very bag that has saved my luggage and book this summer!) All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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